The force is with Dielmo 3D in GEO WEEK 2023


‘The processing force behind your LiDAR data’ was our slogan at GEO WEEK 2023.

After 12 years of Dielmo 3D participating in the GEO WEEK 2023 exhibition in Denver (Colorado), we wanted to give a little humor in this edition with a nod to the Star Wars saga. The slogan: ‘The processing force behind your LiDAR data’. Let me tell you how the idea came up…

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

No, it didn’t start too long ago and we don’t come from so far away, but what we can tell you is that, what started as a simple idea, between laughter, illusion and some fears, ended up being the common thread of a global action. And this, of course, caught the attention of all the attendees, as they saw our poster reminiscent of Star Wars, with moving laser beams and, in addition, lightsabers.

“Do it or don’t do it, but don’t try it…” We were aware that it was very risky, but we decided to go ahead and take the risk. After all, we are convinced that innovation is necessary to move forward.

And it was a great success! Many people came to our stand to congratulate us for the original initiative, to take pictures with the sabers, with us and to ask for information about processing services. And they were also interested in our ability to implement customized analytics for each project and calculate them in record time in the parallel computing cluster.

dielmo3d geoweek 2023

We must also point out that the organization of the Fair was excellent. In fact, all worked for us better than any of the previous years. And not only because we went with our touch of humour, but also because we were able to present -for the first time there- the new consulting services for the development of solutions based on geospatial information and Artificial Intelligence. In addition, our AID-FOREST confirming its potential within the sector to carry out forest inventories -fully automatic- from terrestrial LiDAR data. This confirms its imminent worldwide commercialization. Finally, we show the innovative solution Dielmo Maps, as a tool for generating geoportals to display all kinds of geographic information, including LiDAR data in the form of profiles and 3D. If you have not been able to visit us, we are at your disposal! We look forward to seeing you next year! In the meantime, we will continue to work on new developments and customized mapping services. May the force be with you…