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a global leader in geospatial data solutions

At DIELMO 3D, we have over 20 years of experience providing solutions based on geospatial data, including topography, digital mapping, inventory management, and infrastructure maintenance, among others. To achieve this, we conduct aerial or terrestrial data capture, train artificial intelligence models, or develop customized algorithms to determine the most optimal methodology in finding solutions.

DIELMO 3D is an Innovation Side Holding company with offices in Spain and the USA, serving clients across all five continents.


main services

captura datos dron DIELMO3D

data survey

Geospatial data capture services of any kind: Topography, airborne sensors (airplane, helicopter, drone), terrestrial (car, on foot).


artificial intelligence

We are experts in the use of different artificial intelligence techniques to solve geospatial problems, automating repetitive tasks.

procesado datos geoespaciales DIELMO

data processing

Geospatial data processing services (LiDAR, photogrammetry, vector mapping, GIS, etc.), and tailor-made customized solutions.

consultoria gis dielmo3d

GIS consulting

Based in dielmo maps, our Saas service for creating web geoportals to access geospatial data via the internet, with AI tools and visual inspection capabilities.


we work for these and other sectors

infraestructuras DIELMO3D


Asset inventory, customized distance reports, visual inspection, PLS-CADD modelling, vector mapping, etc.

inventario forestal DIELMO3D


Automatic measurement of forest parameters from LiDAR data and AI, fuel model mapping, software for automatic forest inventory.

estudios hidraulicos DIELMO3D


Generation of digital terrain models optimized for hydraulic studies, integration of LiDAR data with topographic profiles, riverbed corrections.

planta fotovoltaica DIELMO3D

renewable energies

Vector mapping, asset inventory, visual inspection, thermography, wind turbine pole lean reports, photovoltaic piling incident reports.

ingenieria civil DIELMO3D

civil engineering

Vector mapping, visual inspection, earthwork calculations, inventory, construction monitoring, road geometry, detection of dangerous curves.

agricultura precision DIELMO3D


Maps with different vegetation indices to improve crop management, online tools for easy access to information from the field.


benefits of working with us

confianza azul


Our systems have been tested and refined during 20 years. We implement rigorous quality controls at every stage of production. ISO 9001 certified.

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Our priority is to add value to each project at competitive prices. Avoiding penalties for delays or errors that could lead to the loss of the end customer.



Thanks to our parallel computing cluster and a large team of professionals, we have the capacity to tackle large projects with short delivery deadlines.



Our R&D department can customize algorithms to meet the strictest specifications in short times, without the limitations of commercial software.



Our extensive experience and production capacity in managing all types of geospatial data processing is a guarantee when tackling large projects.


We help our clients outsource the costs of generating mapping products, becoming an on-demand technological partner.


clients and partners

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some of our numbers

years of experience

in power lines inspection projects

of DTM for flood modelling

2D/3D mapping projects

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