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Advanced LiDAR and mapping solutions company

Your reliable data processing partner for advanced LiDAR & mapping services and exclusive custom solutions.

Who are we?

Founded in 2003, Dielmo 3D is a group of highly trained specialists in LiDAR mapping solutions and software development. We are committed to our ISO9001 quality management system.

What do we do?

We provide cutting-edge geospatial services and advanced LiDAR mapping solutions for many applications worldwide: Utilities, corridors, flooding, civil engineering, or forestry, among others.

How do we do it?

Based on our deep knowledge of LiDAR technology, and our extensive experience, we have built our own LiDAR processing platform utilising parallel processing to increase our production capacity.


Lidar applications

Providing the most reliable LiDAR mapping solutions to our clients since 2003. The combination of knowledge, in-house software, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) keeps us one step ahead of underperforming “classic” LiDAR data processing.

Road LiDAR cartography services

Mapping services

Providing the most accurate geospatial mapping services for data capture companies or end customers worldwide. Our experience with different data sources and surveyors in complex terrain environments is a guarantee of success

Software development

Custom AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions, Web Geo Portals, LiDAR Online servers and exclusive algorithms development for optimal LiDAR & geospatial data processing and management.

Succesful projects

Selection of some of our latest projects.

Are you a survey company?

We create and customize advanced mapping solutions for many applications (utilities, civil engineering, road mapping, etc.). From LiDAR photogrammetry or the combination of both.

Do you need help with a project?

Dielmo 3D can take care of everything for you! From data acquisition to data processing and custom deliverables generation; no matter your project or technical requirements.

Renewable engineering LiDAR

Customers and partners

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