Vegetation management for utilities dielmo3d

Solutions for Infrastructure

DIELMO 3D has over 500.000 km of international experience providing customized services for inventory and maintenance of infrastructures such as transmission and distribution power lines.

We work for both end clients and data capture companies that prefer to delegate the generation of final products to a specialized external company.


we are experts in

visual inspection dielmo3d

visual inspection

We have developed our own cloud-based SaaS platform for conducting all types of visual inspections of assets.

informes distancia dielmo3d

distance reports

Extensive experience in generating reports on minimum distances to ground, roads, buildings, crossing wires, etc.

offending vegetation dielmo

offending vegetation

We have over 500,000 km of experience in projects for maintaining hazardous vegetation near infrastructures.

powerlines 3d dielmo

2D/3D asset vectorization

We can locate and vectorize the position of towers, cables, attachment points, cable height, etc., and generate lean or distance reports from there.

pls cadd dielmo

PLS-CADD modeling

Using LiDAR data, cable material, and ambient temperature, we can conduct simulations at maximum temperature or wind.

perfiles CAD dielmo3d

CAD profiles

Custom CAD profiles generation for corridors including orthophotos, planimetry, LiDAR data, or 3D vectors.

ortofoto dielmo3d


Generation of orthophotos, stitching line review, accuracy validation with control points, densified point clouds, and 3D object generation.

oil and gas dielmo3d

oil and gas

Orthophotos, land use maps, digital terrain models, change detection, visual inspection, etc.

clasificacion rail dielmo3d

Railway corridors

Topographic surveys of railway corridors, 2D/3D mapping, custom distance reports from different elements, visual inspection, etc.