renovables DIELMO3D

solutions for renewables

Any renewable energy project requires advanced surveying services as those offered by DIELMO 3D.

We work with both energy production companies and data capture firms that prefer to delegate the generation of final products to an external specialized company.



we are experts in

planta solar dielmo3d

thermography inspection

Periodic drone flights with thermal cameras allow the detection of damaged panels, contributing to maximizing performance.

ai wind turbines

visual inspection

We have developed our own cloud-based SaaS platform for conducting all types of visual inspections of assets.

mapping dielmo3d

vector mapping

We generate all types of vector mapping, obtaining a suitable base topography for planning or construction phases.

icono avioneta dielmo3d

data survey

All types of geospatial data capture services: Surveying, airborne sensors (airplane, helicopter, drone), terrestrial (car, on foot).

ortofoto dielmo3d


Generation of orthophotos, stitching line review, accuracy validation with control points, densified point clouds, and 3D object generation.

hinca revirado dielmo3d

piling inspection

We have developed an innovative methodology for conducting pile inspections, during or after construction, detecting issues such as deviation.