Innovating in the Geospatial Sector by Incorporating Talent and Experience


DIELMO 3D, now part of the Innovation Side Holding group, specializes in developing geospatial solutions. One of our standout features has always been the high adaptability of our teams to significant global changes, particularly within the Geospatial Sector. Recently, this adaptability has been crucial with the advent of Artificial Intelligence and disruptive technological developments, which our R&D teams are deeply involved in.

The Importance of Adapting Human Resources to New Environments and Challenges

In this rapidly changing landscape, the adaptation of human resources becomes a cornerstone for the sustainable success of any company in the geospatial sector. New skills, new knowledge, new solutions, and new strategic approaches to talent management are key to the adaptability, versatility, and flexibility of our company’s teams.

Here are some primary reasons why this adaptation is essential in our corporate strategy:

Research, Training, and Development in Emerging Technologies: Our teams consist of experienced professionals specialized in the geospatial sector. One of our strategic axes is the adaptation of knowledge, skills, and development of competencies in emerging tools and technologies, along with co-creating solutions with our clients. We aim for innovative and unique solutions based on collaboration founded on open innovation models.

Integration into International Team Training Models: The ability to collaborate and integrate international work teams is fundamental. This includes unifying criteria, methodologies, innovations, and developing R&D projects with multicultural teams.

Corporate Cultural Change and Adoption of an Agile Mindset: In an environment characterized by rapid technological evolution, our company is undergoing an immersive process of changing cultural values and orienting towards customer focus, efficiency, and innovation. This involves being open to change, experimenting with new ideas, and learning from mistakes, viewing them as opportunities for improvement.

Change Management in Organizational Structures: Implementing new innovations and technologies, along with integrating AIs, requires significant changes in organizational structure and culture. We are developing leaders who are skilled in communicating the vision, engaging internal and external teams, and managing resistance to change.

New Solutions, New Competencies, and Incorporation of New Talent and Experience

Working on these aspects is crucial for us to achieve the group’s common goals effectively and adaptively. Thus, appropriately scaling the personnel structure is based on the following premises:

Operational Efficiency: A well-dimensioned personnel structure and culture ensure productive capacity to carry out projects and responsibilities needed to provide the solutions our clients demand in international environments.

Flexibility and Adaptability: A well-dimensioned personnel structure allows the organization to quickly adjust to changes in market demand or operational needs, facilitating an agile and efficient response.

Incorporation of High-Value Talent: It is crucial, similar to high-performance team sports, to equip group companies with highly qualified professionals in critical areas such as R&D, internationalization, and strategic alliances development. Recently, we have welcomed professionals of significant relevance in their fields, such as our new Innovation Director and our new Commercial Director, Pedro Llorens, who brings over 30 years of experience and recognized prestige in the sector and internationally.

The adaptability and flexibility of our work teams to new changes in the global geospatial sector, especially in recent years driven by the emergence of artificial intelligence, are fundamental for the progress and level of innovation and competitiveness of our group. These elements are crucial for our solid and robust position to achieve success in facing the challenges of a complex and ever-changing environment.

For Dielmo, led by our CEO José Carlos García, the transmission of values of continuous innovation, a disruptive corporate culture, and a constant concern for team development, collaboration, and agility in day-to-day operations are key to maximizing transformative potential and continuing to lead innovation with new solutions in the fascinating world of LIDAR and geospatial data management for over 20 years.

Human Resources Team
Innovation Side Holding