Introducing the New DIELMO 3D Logo! A Step Towards Innovation

We are delighted to share an exciting visual change that marks a milestone in the journey of our company, DIELMO 3D. We are pleased to present our new logo, which is part of the renewed graphic identity for all companies under the Innovation Side Holding group.

The design of the new logo has been meticulously conceived to capture our unique essence. A basic cylindrical shape represents spatial vision and 3D dynamism, essential for our technological solutions. This design will serve as the foundation for the graphic development of all brands and sub-brands within Innovation Side Holding. In the case of DIELMO, we have integrated the iconic distinctive triangles from the previous logo into the cylindrical shape, symbolizing our evolution and continuity as a company.

From now on, you will find the DIELMO 3D logo with diverse and versatile variations:

En DIELMO 3D, siempre nos hemos comprometido con la excelencia en el campo de la tecnología geoespacial. Nuestra pasión por brindar soluciones avanzadas ha impulsado nuestro crecimiento y reconocimiento a nivel internacional. Es en esta búsqueda constante de mejora y evolución que decidimos embarcarnos en un emocionante proceso de rebranding, fortaleciendo así nuestra identidad visual y nuestra posición como líderes en el sector.

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