Introducing Innovation Side Holding: Driving Technological Excellence and Business Growth in 2023


Exciting news! In May 2023, DIELMO 3D. took a significant evolutionary leap by strategically reorganizing its various lines of business. We are thrilled to introduce Innovation Side Holding as the entity responsible for managing these independent companies more efficiently. This strategic decision allows us to maximize the potential of each of our business lines and ensure agile and effective management.

At DIELMO 3D, we have always been recognized for our technological focus and constant capacity for innovation. Now, with Innovation Side Holding, we become an extremely attractive option for investors in the technology sector. We are committed to delivering market-leading solutions and seizing emerging opportunities in the fascinating fields of geospatial technology, 360º photography, and immersive marketing.

Our main objective is to continue driving innovation in each of our companies, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among them. With Innovation Side Holding, we are creating a dynamic and interconnected business ecosystem where each company can grow and thrive in its specialized area.

We are excited about this new chapter and confident that Innovation Side Holding will provide us with the necessary tools to reach even higher levels of excellence and success in the market. Our team is thrilled and dedicated to bringing our future vision to life.

We extend our gratitude to all our clients, collaborators, and partners for their ongoing support. Together, we are building an exciting and promising technological future. Join us on this thrilling journey with Innovation Side Holding!