Flexibility, solvency, experience, high production capacity…

DIELMO, a company specialized in LiDAR data processing, has extensive experience working in LiDAR projects with industry leaders internationally. Therefore, we are sure to provide you with the best possible technical solution to successfully carry out any type of geospatial project.

Every day photogrammetric cameras are becoming cheaper, lighter, more accurate and more flexible, which is allowing companies from all over the world to start in the business of performing photogrammetric flights from drones, helicopters or airplanes. So much so that the market has gone from a few large specialized companies to thousands of new players.


¿Quieres descargar GRATIS diferentes muestras de los productos de procesado de datos LiDAR avanzado de Dielmo 3D?


The force is with Dielmo 3D in GEO WEEK 2023

‘The processing force behind your LiDAR data’ was our slogan at GEO WEEK 2023.

After 12 years of Dielmo 3D participating in the GEO WEEK 2023 exhibition in Denver (Colorado), we wanted to give a little humor in this edition with a nod to the Star Wars saga. The slogan: ‘The processing force behind your LiDAR data’. Let me tell you how the idea came up…

AID-Forest: Scientific article in which DIELMO 3D participates

In September 2022 the prestigious international journal “International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation” has published the scientific article “Artificial intelligence-based software (AID-FOREST) for tree detection: A new framework for fast and accurate forest inventorying using LiDAR point clouds”

Enedis LiDAR web solution

DIELMO3D performed an analysis of ENEDIS’s network for maintenance and vegetation management applications using LiDAR and UAV technologies.

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