Utility mapping

Lidar utility mapping services for power line inspection

More than 200.000 km of experience providing LiDAR utility mapping services and analysis for power line inspection worldwide (vegetation management, ground and object clearances, PLS-CADD modelling and custom reports).

Vegetation management

Fully customizable offending vegetation reports for transmission and distribution.

3D network

2D and 3D vector mapping & planimetrics for asset management and new power line works.

Clearance distances

Combining LiDAR, AI and custom algorithms for risk detection.


Network 3D modelling for transmission lines at different weather conditions (max temperature, wind, snow).

Other services

Optimized geospatial processing services for data capture companies, engineering, and other customers worldwide.

Lidar classification

Converting raw point clouds into valuable 3D information for utilities at any level.


More than 1 Million Ha experience in 2D and 3D vector mapping from 1:200 scale.

Digital terrain models

High precision Digital Elevation Models for new power line works and design.


Orthomosaic generation and photogrammetric services.

Artificial intelligence

The perfect solution for data capture companies or end customers looking for power line inspection.

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