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LiDAR online server

Access and work easily with all your LiDAR data on the Web

DIELMO has developed an exclusive Cloud-based, LiDAR Online hosting server technology (called Dielmo Server Technology); capable of making the original LiDAR point clouds accessible on Web, so that non-expert users can make use of this type of data in a simple way.


Dielmo Server Technology is our base technology to serve through the internet unlimited amounts of LiDAR point clouds, allowing its visualization, reprojection, download of the original point cloud in different formats with security in the access to the data.

View the point cloud with different styles (height, intensity, classification, etc.) in any WMS viewer.

Create tools that download the original point cloud from the selected area and present the information in the form of profiles, or 3D visualizations that can be integrated into any web viewer or GIS software using our simple API.

Create geo-services in the cloud that download the cloud of points in the area of interest, apply an algorithm and deliver a final product to the user.

Internet / Intranet LiDAR Online Hosting Server.

Dielmo server technology

Our exclusive technology for LiDAR and geospatial data hosting Online is built of the following components:

Make OLX

Tool for converting data in LAS format to our OLX format optimized for fast searches among unlimited amounts of data.

WMS server

Online LiDAR point cloud viewer and Geospatial WMS server.

LAS server

Original point cloud server that supports custom clippings, reprojections and different output formats.

Geo processing online

Algorithms that run in the cloud and obtain their data input through our LiDAR data server.

3D viewer and profiles

Online LiDAR ToolBox to get the most out of your LiDAR data over the internet (3D Viewer, profiles, download…)

Key points

The most powerful LIDAR Online hosting server on the market that allows fast access to unlimited volumes of point cloud data online.

It supports the OGC WMS 1.1.1 and 1.3.0 standard for the display of the point cloud with multiple styles (height, intensity, classification...).

It includes a simple API for downloading point clouds on the fly in different formats and coordinate systems for the development of geo-services in the cloud.

The API includes a tool for profiling and a tool for 3D visualization of the point cloud ready for integration into your application.

Able to serve point clouds, orthophotos and digital binary terrain models (for centimeter-accurate terrain elevation query).

Cache on server and client to increase data access speed.

Possibility to buy server licenses or hire our all-inclusive hosting service (server, storage, licenses, data preparation, geo-portal, data access management tool and technical support) for a monthly fee.

Artificial intelligence

The perfect solution for data capture companies or end customers looking for high quality, customized solutions.

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