online geo portal


WebGIS geo portal

Customized and LiDAR Online compatible WebGIS Geo portal generation for daily geospatial data management online in a secured environment.

Dielmo 3D has developed a powerful proprietary technology to create a customized WebGIS geoportal to host, access and display unlimited amounts of geographic information, allowing easy content editing and role access management

lidar online access & visualization

Publish unlimited LiDAR data hosted Online, thanks to our exclusive LiDAR Server Technology

Vector web mapping (wfs/wms)

Standar OGC compatible to display, query and search into GIS databases in any format.


Display in 3D, measure and draw custom areas and profiles on Web LiDAR point clouds.


Find , display or download any geo-referenced information thanks to WebGIS databases and advanced toolsets.

content manager & role acces

Manage, check and control the Access and use of your valuable data remotely at any level.

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The easiest way to start
50 Monthly*
  • Up to 50GB Data Hosting in in Cloud Servers (*)
  • WebPortal publication and maintenance
  • Data publication Llmited to 10 Layers and 2 database updates per Year,
  • Role manager and data security access by Dielmo 3D


When 50GB are not enough
Lite + 1€ Monthly* / GB of extra data
  • Unlimited Data Hosting in in Cloud Servers (*)
  • WebPortal publication and maintenance
  • Data publication Limited to 10 extra Layers and 1 extra database updates per extra 50GB
  • Role manager and data security access by Dielmo 3D


We adapt our technology to your needs
  • Special pricing for large coverages, National data plans and recurrent projects
  • Internet or Intranet Servers
  • Exclusive Developments and tools

Enjoy our premium FUNCTIONALITIES no matter the plan you choose

Customized WebGis Geo Portal with your logo.

Unlimited access to Online Geoespatial data (Rater, Vector, LIDAR pointclouds and geo-referenced files*).

No limit of users.

Queryable database - Locate an display any GISlayer and file.

Exclusive 3D LIDAR ToolBox (3D PointCloud and Cross-section viewers and measurement tools).

GIS data publication in Compatible OGC Standard formats (WMS/WFS) by Dielmo 3D.

User friendly interface.

Technical support.

Free system updates during the hosting period.



Our systems have been tested and refined. We implement exhaustive quality controls at every step of production. This ensures 99.9% accuracy in risk reporting. Our production team is committed to working with our ISO 9001 quality standards.

peace of mind

Our experience and production capacity in WebGIS Geo Portal generation is your guarantee of compliance with deadlines.


Customisation of the product to meet your specification. We are not limited by the constraints in of off-the-shelf software. Our R&D Department develops what our clients need.


We are able to spin up additional servers on demand using parallel computing and our own software, if we need to meet very short deadlines. We are not constrained by the cost of annual licences and the need to find short term IT support for complex IT systems. All in house.


Our service is not the cheapest, but cheap service can be the most expensive if you are penalised for non-deliveries, unexpected errors, etc leading to the loss of the customer.


If you are an acquisition company and work seasonally, you do not need to maintain specialised staff all year round for processing. We are your contracted processing team.

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