Planimetrics and mapping

Vectorial mapping

Dielmo 3D has more than 1 Million Ha experience in 2D and 3D vector mapping from 1:200 scale.

From photogrammetry, LiDAR or a combination of both (2D drawing on orthophotos + 3D LiDAR values), we generate the most accurate planimetrics, GIS and mapping services for any surveyor (drone, airborne, mobile, satellite) or end client ( engineering, public agencies, municipalities)

Planimetrics, GIS and mapping from photogrammetry, LiDAR or both.

Customizable level of detail for urban or rural environments

High accuracy vector mapping (up to 1:200 scale). Layers and legend customization

The generation of 3D mapping combining LiDAR Z values with orthophotos is more cost effective than photogrammetric restitution.

Applications of LiDAR planimetrics

Get the most out of your LiDAR data and be competitive in any project no matter its size or complexity.

Benefits of working with Dielmo 3D


Our systems have been tested and refined. We implement exhaustive quality controls at every step of production. This ensures 99.9% accuracy in power line inspection. Our production team is committed to working with our ISO 9001 quality standards.

Peace of mind

Our experience and production capacity in this type of project is your guarantee of compliance with deadlines.​


Customization of the product to meet your specification. We are not limited by the constraints in of off-the-shelf software. Our R&D Department develops what our clients need.


We are able to spin up additional servers on demand using parallel computing and our own software, if we need to meet very short deadlines. All in house.


Our service is not the cheapest, but cheap service can be the most expensive if you are penalised for non-deliveries, unexpected errors, etc leading to the loss of the customer.


If you are an acquisition company and work seasonally, you do not need to maintain specialised staff all year round for processing. We are your contracted processing team.

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