Digital terrain model generation

Custom Digital Elevation Models (DEM) generation for multiple applications

We optimize the process of generating your Digital Elevation Models (Digital Terrain Model, Digital Surface Model, contours and other elevation maps) depending on your inputs / data available (from new LiDAR data acquisition to existing archived data). Thanks to our exclusive interpolation method we guarantee the highest quality and accurate DEM for any project requiring accurate terrain data results.

Our unique interpolation method prevents triangulation errors and maintains the original accuracy of the LiDAR data in your Digital Terrain Model.

We adapt the level of detail of ground classification for each project, depending on requirements, goals or data source.

Experts in high resolution DTM, DSM contours and breaklines generation from ultra-dense pointclouds

We customize your Digital Elevation Models (DEM) depending on available data and project requirements.

Benefits of working with Dielmo 3D

Our systems have been tested and refined. We implement exhaustive quality controls at every step of production. This ensures 99.9% accuracy in power line inspection. Our production team is committed to working with our ISO 9001 quality standards.