Outsource your LiDAR mapping services

Dielmo 3D provides high quality LiDAR processing.

Make sure you receive exactly what you need from your LiDAR data.

Why choose Dielmo?


Extensive experience developing customized solutions.


Modular in-house software that adapts to any kind of project


Resources to help you with any type of work and in any time frame needed.


Professional team that offers reliability in product finishing.

The LiDAR you need

To date, DIELMO 3D S.L. has processed hundreds of thousands of km2 of LiDAR data for precision solutions for power companies, flood studies, road safety and forestry, among others.
In addition, we have participated in more than 300 projects, in more than 30 different countries and created customized solutions for the study of more than 300,000 km of power lines, both distribution and transmission.

The professionals you can trust

Guaranteed quality

DIELMO 3D develops methodologies, algorithms and exclusive solutions for LiDAR data processing and mapping platforms under ISO 9001 quality seals.

Customized algorithms

Development of parallelized calculation algorithms to increase the calculation speed in the processing of BIG DATA in your local network.

Calculation capacity

We are aware of the need that many of our customers have to increase the speed in the processing of their LiDAR data.

We recommend DIELMO3D for any kind of work related to power line survey.
They customize algorithms and tools according to customer needs, from small tests to large scale projects, including UAV LiDAR flights!

Pierre d'Hauteville

Clients say

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We were searching for a supplier to be trusted with vegetation encroachment analysis based on our LiDAR pointclouds.

Dielmo delivered as promised.

Roger Gildseth

Senseloop AS


Dielmo 3D allows us to focus, with confidence, on the project and field issues and to free up time to support our customers.

Congratulations and thank you!



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