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GIS Consulting

DIELMO offers GIS consulting services based on our cloud-based geoportals, which can be combined with open-source software to provide affordable solutions to any GIS need without investing disproportionate amounts of money in other solutions based on commercial licenses.

customized services for each client


We can integrate any geospatial information source to adapt it for web publication or a local GIS.

data mining

We adapt available data in any format (CAD, Excel, etc.) for proper web layer visualization with advanced search capabilities.

data survey

We can create new geospatial information from new surveys or properly processed publicly available data.


We can add new custom functionalities to the web viewer, that can be used exclusively by a Dielmo Maps client.

Dielmo Maps

Dielmo Maps is a cloud-based SaaS tool for building web geoportals and sharing them for internal or public use. It also includes a tool for visual inspection, cloud-based spatial data processing, object detection with artificial intelligence, access to real-time sensors, LiDAR data, etc.

for public organizations:

  • Municipalities
  • Provincial Councils
  • Cartographic Institutes
  • Hydrographic Confederations
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Highways

for private companies

  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Infrastructure Inventory
  • Visual Inspection of Assets
  • Engineering Firms
  • Data Capture Companies
  • Any company managing geospatial data

it serves to

visualize geospatial data on the web

Provides quick access to all geospatial information easily from the web without the need for other specific software, with secure access to data and control over the data published at any given time.

Visual inspection of images or videos

Perfect tool to speed up visual inspection with high-resolution images or georeferenced videos. Automatic and customized report generation. Object detection with artificial intelligence.

some functionalities

search panel

Allows searching for points of interest, cadastral code, tree view, or street names.

elevation retrieval

Obtain elevation at any point on the map with a customized and accurate elevation model.

360º photos

Access 360º photos uploaded by the user or from Google Street View for visual inspection purposes.

cadastral information

Quickly access cadastral information by clicking on a point or searching by cadastral reference.


Get the exact coordinates of a point on the map or navigate to desired coordinates.


Perform linear or area measurements on the map. Also, measure on LiDAR profiles or in 3D.

sensor access

We can integrate third-party APIs to retrieve information from different sensors and display them on the map based on their value.

online LiDAR data

Quickly and easily access LiDAR data from different dates through profiles and 3D visualization.

visual inspection

Advanced visual inspection tool to analyze and generate customized reports from high-resolution images and videos.


content manager

The content manager allows customization and creation of new layers within Dielmo Maps, creating and editing new scenarios, modifying their visibility, managing data access through roles, permissions, and administration zones, and connecting to existing databases to display layers.

LiDAR viewer

The advanced LiDAR viewer component allows to select an area and visualize it through LiDAR data obtained on one or several different dates, using profiles or in 3D, with measurement tools, different visualization styles, and options to import and export data in LAS format.

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