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Geospatial data survey

We offer all kinds of geospatial data survey services: Topography, airborne sensors (airplane, helicopter, drone), terrestrial (car, on foot). We use our own resources or work with approved partners to reach any part of the world.

Each project requires a specific type of data survey.

Depending on the specifications, size, and location of the study area, we can define the most suitable data survey strategy to achieve the best performance at the lowest possible cost.


For small study areas, we have our own equipment for conducting photogrammetry, LiDAR, multispectral, and thermal flights.


It is also possible to purchase high-resolution satellite images for any area worldwide or schedule a specific capture.


For projects covering long corridors, it is more cost-effective to use a helicopter equipped with LiDAR sensors, RGB or thermal cameras.


For certain types of road or city inventories, it is more convenient to survey data using a mobile mapping system in a car.


To cover large areas of territory with lower densities and resolutions, it is more convenient to use airborne sensors on an airplane.


Data surveys need adjusting accuracies with topography. We can also capture photos or video on foot for inventories or inspections.

the latest LiDAR data capture technology

Since the beginning of 2024, DIELMO has a new department for LiDAR data capture using drones equipped with the DJI L2 sensor.

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