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Most of the data managed by city councils can be geolocated and displayed on a map to make decisions and respond more efficiently to citizens. Thanks to Dielmo Maps, we are helping to modernise municipal services in their digital transformation.

All the information
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Dielmo Maps for Smart City is a system that integrates the interdepartmental information of the different local offices of the City Council and unifies the interrelated information in a single information system that improves the efficiency, productivity and cost-effectiveness of municipal management and also facilitates the creation of services for citizens.


Integration of Dielmo Maps into the council's website, and a design capable of grouping the different types of information.

A user-friendly
interactive map...

Dielmo Maps allows multi-device accessibility, allowing us to increase the flow of information so that users can easily find all published data via the Internet; bringing public services closer to citizens.

Content Manager

Content Manager allows us to customise and create new layers within Dielmo Maps, create and edit new scenarios and modify their visibility, manage access to data through roles, permissions and administration areas, and connect to existing databases to display layers.

GIS Consultancy Services

Integration of existing council data

We adapt all the information available to the council in different formats and transform it into online visualisation formats (OGC standard).


Dielmo Maps is the structuring element that brings together all the smart city information available to the council in our viewer.


Traffic, transport, parking, charging points, traffic cameras, cycle lanes, disabled parking.


Street maps, cadastral information, orthophotos, public interest maps.


Pharmacies, Wi-Fi points, health or education centres, maintenance areas, police.


Connection to data sources to view measurements such as air quality by zones, temperature, noise levels.


Tourist routes, hiking and mountain biking routes, heritage routes, general tourist information.



Buses, taxis and petrol stations

Information about public transport in the city, including bus stops and waiting times.

Traffic cameras

All public surveillance cameras in the city

Information about traffic via traffic cameras... temporary bans…


Pharmacies in the city

Information on the city's pharmacies, including opening hours and night-time pharmacies.

Festivals and public events

Interactive map of festivals and events in the city

Locate the city's festivals, events, road closures and alternative routes for those dates by district.

World Heritage Routes

Routes of Tourist Interest

Location of World Heritage Points of Interest and the possibility of linking to digital tourist points of interest created in the municipality.

Cycle lanes

Promoting a more sustainable city

Discover on Dielmo Maps the cycle route and other routes that can be done by bike in the mountains and around the city.

Territorial emergency plan

Health centres, water tanks, heliports, hydrants, etc.

Consult Dielmo Maps for information on health centres, water tanks, heliports, hydrants in the municipality and any other relevant information in the event of a natural disaster.

And much more... Everything that can be of interest for citizenship, safety, viability, promotion of tourism and sustainability.

European Union assistance

Public administrations must comply with and ensure compliance with Law 19/2013 on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance.

The Dielmo Maps Viewer complies with the standards and protocols for data access and visualisation within the INSPIRE regulations.


Alcoy smart city

The Dielmo Maps geoportal of Alcoy allows you to quickly and easily find the location of different points of interest and services offered by the municipality, through an interactive map that gives you all the information with just one click. Explore the different layers and find everything you need. It shows you layers of the main property maps and orthophotos, as well as other maps of public interest.

It allows you to find out how to get around the city, as well as the different services related to transport.

Torrent smart city

Torrent's Dielmo Maps geoportal offers geopositioned information provided by several municipal departments: Town Planning, Education, Environment, Mobility, Cartography, Sensors, etc., in which the user can select different views or layers of interest through easy-to-use graphical consultation tools.

In the case of Torrent, because it is a simple and accessible tool, it allows the integration of different data from different areas of the city, and therefore the coordination of the different departments of the city, making the information available to the citizens.

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