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Geoportal GIS & LiDAR viewer

Dielmo's GIS and LiDAR geoportal viewer is the perfect tool for the management and visualization of geospatial information.

Basic functionalities

The basic functions of the GIS and LiDAR geoportal allow us to interact with the geoportal through simple and common actions.

Search panel

The search panel allows us to search by points of interest, cadastral code, view tree or street name.

Obtain elevation

This tool allows us to obtain the elevation at any point on the map. In addition, any DTM can be customized.

Street view

The street view tool uses google street views. Simply mark with the pointer the street and click.

Cadastral info.

Search of cadastral information. It is configured using the Spanish cadastre servers, but other layers can be configured.


The coordinates function allows us to get the exact coordinates of our current view, or go to the desired coordinates.


With the measurement panel we can obtain distances, both for a straight line and area.

Advanced functionalities

LiDAR viewer

The advanced function of the LiDAR viewer, allows us to select an area and visualize it through the LiDAR data obtained on one or several different dates.

By selecting a date and a region, the LiDAR viewer shows us the point cloud corresponding to the selected area, either by a profile visualization or by 3D view.

Within the 3D LiDAR viewer, we can move our camera through the mouse: by left clicking we can rotate the view, by scrolling we manage the zoom, and by right clicking we fix the center of the camera on a specific point.

The main functionalities of the LiDAR viewer are:

  • Load or save LAS/LAZ/LASC files.
  • Change the colors with which to represent the point cloud.
  • Choose the navigation type.
  • Choose the type of view, based on North, South, East, West and zenith coordinates.
  • Choose the scaling options for the point cloud.
  • Measurement tools.

Content manager

The content manager allows us to customize and create new layers within the geoportal itself, as well as to configure the translations, choosing what layers appear active or deactivated by default, choosing at what height each layer is displayed... etc.

To access it, administrator permissions are required, and inside we have access to a multitude of options.

One of the basic options is user management, in it you can assign roles and give permissions and access to the administration area individually.

In the modules section we can create and edit new scenarios, as well as show or hide those that interest us.

There is a wide arrange of utilities and options available with Dielmo's GIS and LiDAR GeoPortal, if you want to try all the available options yourself, contact us and we will help you find the best solutions for your project.

Benefits of working with Dielmo 3D


Our systems have been tested and refined. We implement exhaustive quality controls at every step of production. This ensures 99.9% accuracy in power line inspection. Our production team is committed to working with our ISO 9001 quality standards.

Peace of mind

Our experience and production capacity in this type of project is your guarantee of compliance with deadlines.​


Customization of the product to meet your specification. We are not limited by the constraints in of off-the-shelf software. Our R&D Department develops what our clients need.


We are able to spin up additional servers on demand using parallel computing and our own software, if we need to meet very short deadlines. All in house.


Our service is not the cheapest, but cheap service can be the most expensive if you are penalised for non-deliveries, unexpected errors, etc leading to the loss of the customer.


If you are an acquisition company and work seasonally, you do not need to maintain specialised staff all year round for processing. We are your contracted processing team.

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