Dielmo open

Dielmo open LiDAR software

Custom made LiDAR developments based on open software

DIELMO has a wide experience in the development of open software for the handling of LiDAR data, being our best known library Dielmo Open LiDAR software. We have also developed different gvSIG extensions

Our R&D team can develop new open software tools related to the use of geographic desktop information, being our specialization the development of geo-processes in java for integration in gvSIG or Sextante.

We combine our experience in software development with our capacity of cartographic production to obtain useful GIS user-level solutions designed to be used with immense amounts of data for chain production.

Our specialization is focused on the development of geo-processes in java for its integration in gvSIG or Sextante, which are tools with which we have developed hundreds of algorithms for the internal treatment of our cartographic production processes.

Based in Artificial Inteligence (AI).

Direct measurement of basal area, volume, etc.

Automatic and customizable software.

Artificial intelligence

The perfect solution for data capture companies or end customers looking for high quality, customized solutions.

geoportal example

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