Artificial intelligence consulting services

Geospatial data

Thanks to the development of different internal R&D projects in recent years, DIELMO 3D has a solid base on which to develop applications based on artificial intelligence from alphanumeric data, images, videos and/or geospatial data.

Our in-house developments are prepared to customize any of its parts (input data, data pre-processing, artificial intelligence model training, data post-processing and output formats), so that we can quickly and cost-effectively implement customized algorithms for other companies to integrate into their workflows to automate processes.

Different techniques

DIELMO has experience in the application of different techniques based on Artificial Intelligence to automate processes, such as:

ᐅ  Object detection based on boxes

It allows to detect a rectangle that encompasses the object to be detected.

It is suitable for multiple applications such as cropping an image to the surroundings of the detected object, blurring faces and license plates in images or videos, etc.

Based on these detections, we can implement quality controls to confirm that an object is present in thousands of images, count objects, select the best image among several images of the same object, etc.

ᐅ  Object detection based on masks

It allows to identify the pixels within the image or video that correspond to the detected object in addition to the rectangle that surrounds it.

It is suitable for multiple applications such as vectorizing buildings or other types of elements in an orthophoto, obtaining a geo-referenced vector layer.

Based on these detections we can automate processes for the detection of illegal constructions, quality controls in the production of vectorial cartography or automatically avoid that the stitching lines in an orthophoto pass inside buildings.

ᐅ  LiDAR point cloud classification

We also have experience in training models for LiDAR point cloud classification to distinguish different types of features such as soil, buildings, vegetation, towers and power lines.

In this way we can improve conventional automatic classifications and reduce manual classification time.

From this automatic classification we can also obtain vector layers with the position of power lines or use input vector layers with the precise position of towers and cables to improve automatic classifications.

Project examples

Below are two examples of projects developed by the DIELMO 3D R&D team using Artificial Intelligence.


AI.dielmo is a plug & play software designed to detect objects through artificial intelligence.

AID forest by Dielmo

Automated forest inventory analysis based on LiDAR Mobile and Artificial Intelligence.

Examples of its use

Getting started with AI.dielmo

Anonymization of images or videos

Draw detections in image

Blur detections in image

Draw detections in video

Blur detections in video

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