Web lidar solution for telecommunications network maintenance and analysis

DIELMO3D presented in Norway a web portal for the management of telecommunication infrastructures.

It is a solution that allows efficient results from the obtained LiDAR data from drone flights. In particular, this project required the detection of risk areas, offending vegetation, or areas of proximity to the telecommunication network thanks to the accuracy of LiDAR data.

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Online access to Geospatial & LiDAR data

To obtain the results desired by the customer, Dielmo developed customized algorithms that allowed the detection, analysis, and reporting of these risk zones.
These results are required by telecommunication companies for decision making, to establish priority maintenance zones, etc.

In addition, to facilitate the daily use of these data by the end customer, Dielmo developed an online platform where, with a simple click, it is possible to access all the results, both technical (original LiDAR data, classified, etc.) and risk reports and final products ready for download.

Main functionalities

The main functionalities of this project are:

  • Platform with access control and security, with different roles and levels.
  • Access to all project information (LiDAR, raster, images, vectors and reports).
  • Search and visualization filtering by codes, voltages, zones and points of interest.
  • ONLINE visualization of 3D point clouds, measurements and file downloads.
  • Availability of customized reports ready for geolocalized download.


In addition, thanks to Dielmo Server Technology and customized Web portals, all the information collected and all the results of every single job over the years, can be available and consulted in a matter of seconds.

Objectives achieved

With this platform, Dielmo achieves the main objectives proposed for this project:

  • Simplify day-to-day operations by providing online access to your geo-referenced databases.
  • Make available information understandable and accessible to operators and decision-makers.
  • More accurately estimate the reality of the network in order to better control the next maintenance steps (tree pruning, resource management, etc.).

Investment in the maintenance of telecommunication lines is increasing and involves a high level of responsibility.
Thanks to comprehensive solutions like this one, telecommunications companies can finally get the most out of their network and the information available, gaining flexibility, decision making, and long-term planning.
The combination of powerful technology (LiDAR), unmanned vehicles (Drones), and a technical team with expertise in LiDAR data processing and software development allow us to generate 100% customized solutions to meet your needs.

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