LiDAR maintenance of 120,000 km of power lines in Australia

Since 2012, Dielmo 3D has been processing and analyzing LiDAR data to report clearance distances and vegetation encroachment of over 200 000 km of distribution and transmission lines in Australia.

Australia vegetation management project

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For the ninth consecutive year, Dielmo is in charge of carrying out the acquisition and study with LiDAR for maintenance of electrical lines in Australia of different distribution and transmission electric companies. The objective is, year after year, to detect risk areas and study the evolution of them to plan the actions in an efficient and precise way.

The main function of DIELMO in this project is to carry out the analysis of hundreds of km of power lines per week to detect risk areas (detection of dangerous vegetation, violations in minimum safety distances and falling trees among others). Once the risk parameters and needs of the client are known, DIELMO optimizes and adapts its methodology and work to obtain the desired result.

Main products obtained for this project:

  • High detail LiDAR classification of the electrical network and its environment (network, infrastructures, vegetation, buildings, etc)
  • Study of vegetation risk distances from the network and classification into different levels of hazardous vegetation
  • Creation of personalized ONLINE report for each risk zone detected.
  • Study of risk of falling trees.
  • Study of distance to the ground.
  • Report of safety distances from cables to the ground and other elements.

Looking to the future: Development of Geo-Portal and customized reports with online access to LiDAR data, images and GIS.

In addition to LiDAR works for maintenance of power lines, the generation of risk mapping and results, DIELMO 3D provides customized reports generated automatically for each cable section, as well as a private web platform (geoPortal) where you can access the information of each pole and cable section of the network, as well as visualize in 3D the cloud of points of the area to study in question. Because the results of these years are in the same platform, the customer can access the data of the year you want and make comparisons to study the evolution in the short and medium term.

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