LiDAR digital terrain model for 1500 km of new electricity network in Africa

Study, high precision terrain modeling and planning of more than 1500km of new power grid line in Africa through LIDAR data.

LiDAR DTM of more than 1500km of new power grid line in Africa through LIDAR data

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The project consists of, once determined the route and its area of influence, make a high precision LiDAR classification of the study area where the new line will be implemented, and then carry out the 3D modeling of the terrain and other elements.

From LiDAR data and images obtained from a helicopter, we can identify all the existing elements and know the situation of the ground to know the real situation of the area with high precision.

With this kind of solutions, the companies in charge of the construction of the line avoid surprises once on the ground. The precision of these products is such that the real environment that the company in charge of building this new infrastructure will find during the works is planned with high detail and precision.

Main products obtained for this project:

  • LiDAR classification of the land and existing elements (soil, vegetation, buildings, infrastructure, walls, etc.).
  • High precision 3D modeling of the terrain for the subsequent design and implementation of the future power line.
  • Exhaustive quality control check2D planimetry, 1:1000 scale of the study area checkLand Uses.
  • Comprehensive quality control.

Experience of DIELMO 3D in terrrain studies with LiDAR

The experience of our teams can guarantee a complex terrain models design for projects that require knowing the details of the soil surface with centimeter precision. In addition, owning our own software for processing and analyzing LiDAR data allows us to customize the results and products to the customer at highly competitive prices.

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