Vegetation management LiDAR web solution for Enedis

The data obtained from power line surveys are very useful and contain valuable information for decision making. However, the lack of a platform or tools for processing and visualization leads to inefficient and sometimes, even counterproductive use of the data obtained.

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Understanding the project

DIELMO3D, in collaboration with YellowScan, E-Copter and Product-Air, performed a complete analysis of the strategic locations of the ENEDIS network for maintenance and vegetation management applications using LiDAR and UAV technologies.

This is a LiDAR mapping solution with UAV for vegetation management that allows ENEDIS to efficiently manage the maintenance of the most sensitive areas, with total freedom and with the guarantee of obtaining 100% customized reports with a quality that is only possible to obtain through experts in the field.

Online Access to the ENEDIS power line project

In order for ENEDIS to exploit the results of its project, DIELMO 3D has created an independent web platform where the client can find all its data, analysis, and results of the project, from the LiDAR point cloud visualized in 3D, to the risk report of each vegetation intrusion or span.

In addition, this web solution not only allows access to all the results of the electrical network management, such as infrastructures, risk zones, towers, codes… etc but also allows the online visualization of LiDAR and GIS data through 3D visualization of point clouds, customized profiles, measurements and even reports.

Main functionalities

The main new features that this solution brings to the needs initially proposed by Enedis are:

  • Platform with total security and access control, with different roles and levels.
  • Access to ALL project information (LiDAR, raster, images, vectors, and reports).
  • Search and visualization by codes, voltages, zones, and points of interest.
  • ONLINE visualization of 3D point clouds, measurements, and file downloads.
  • Availability of customized reports ready for geolocalized download.


In addition, thanks to Dielmo Server Technology and customized Web portals, all the information collected and all the results of every single job over the years can be available and consulted in a matter of seconds.

Objectives achieved

With this platform, Dielmo has enabled Enedis to achieve its main objectives proposed for this project:

  • Simplify day-to-day operations by providing online access to its geo-referenced databases.
  • Make the available information understandable and accessible to operators and decision-makers.
  • More accurately estimate the reality of the network in order to better control the next maintenance steps (tree pruning, resource management, etc.).

The investment in power line maintenance for companies like ENEDIS is enormous and involves a high level of responsibility.

Thanks to comprehensive solutions like this one, utilities can finally get the most out of their network and the information available, gaining in flexibility, decision making and long-term planning.

The combination of powerful technology (LiDAR), unmanned vehicles (Drones) and a technical team with expertise in LiDAR data processing and software development allows us to generate 100% customized solutions to meet your needs.

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