A 1:500 mapping for the Cartagena Port Authority

Recently, we have made a 1:500 mapping for the Port Authority of Cartagena and we want to show you all the ins and outs of the project. Let’s go ahead and tell you about it…
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The objective

The objective was to update the detailed mapping of some areas of the Port of Cartagena.

How was the project carried out?

Carrying out a LiDAR and photogrammetric flight for the generation of a 1:500 mapping.

What does this work consist of?

In the generation of the mapping, obtaining it from all the elements within the study area, through the use of LiDAR technology and photogrammetry.

The process is as described below:

  • LiDAR flight with 20 points per sqm and combined photogrammetric (GSD 5cm).
  • LiDAR data classification
  • LiDAR 3D cartographic restitution surface 500Ha. Scale 1:500
  • Photogrammetric support and implementation of bases.
  • Edition and integration of LiDAR data
To carry out this task we elaborated the planning and execution of a combined photogrammetric and LiDAR flight, through airborne sensors and cameras installed in an aircraft.


The equipment was integrated by: LiDAR sensors, HD digital cameras, GPS system with inertial positioning and high precision synchronization, which were configured to work simultaneously and record data.

In addition, LiDAR data processing was developed with DIELMO’s proprietary software and specific algorithms were created adjusted to the needs of the project.

Mission accomplished!

Do you like the result?

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