3D road LiDAR mapping (2cm) in Switzerland
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Understanding the project

This project was requested by one of our clients, which has performed the LiDAR mobile data capture, but needed the capability of a reliable and efficient company to make an accurate As-Built 3D mapping of a highway (1:200) and his bridges at 2cm accuracy.

Goals of the project

The goal was to draw  in 3 dimensions the existing road infrastructure and its related bridges for engineering applications. This type of work is known in the world of BIM as an “as-built” model.

In this particular case, our goal was to draw at 2cm accuracy all the visibile features of the road of study and its bridges from a high dense LiDAR mobile point cloud of thousands of points per square meter.

Thanks to this accurate and high point density, road features and bridge elements such as pillars, guardrails, pillars could be identified and modelled at very high precision.

These high level drawings provide engineering firms with a high detail product to evaluate the real situation of their project as well as simulate and identify potential scenarios related with their infrastructures.

Main stages and products

LiDAR Mobile data classification

Dielmo 3D took care of the LiDAR mobile point cloud classification at first stage. Ground was classified in high detail and all other points were cleaned from any potential noise or distorsion in order to guarantee an accurate 3D modelling of the features. A Digital Terrain Model and contours were also created to assist/support the drawing stage of the project.

Road & Bridges "As-Built" drawing at 2cm accuracy

Once LiDAR was ready, our team of CAD technicians took care of the project, drawing first the road and its environment at 1:200 scale. Once the road was complete, each bridge was drawn one by one having as a reference for this drawing the LiDAR mobile point cloud, optimized in the previous stage.

Products obtained:

  •  As a result, the deliverable created for our client contained all key features for road engineering applications, such as:
  • 3D briges    
  • Road axis
  • Road features
  • Slopes
  • Walls, pillars, railways, street lights, fences…
  • Structures
In addition Dielmo 3D provided to complete the project:
  • Ground Point cloud classification
  • Digital Elevation Model
  • Contour lines


DIELMO3D has wide experience working with LiDAR data to generate custom end products to his clients. Using mobile mapping data we can provide extremely accurate products specially for road / corridor mapping. Inventories, smooth Digital Terrain Models or high accurate 3D mapping (1-2cm) can be provided to any project worldwide.

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