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artificial intelligence

We are experts in using different artificial intelligence techniques to solve geospatial problems, automating repetitive tasks.

custom AI-Based services

Thanks to the development of different internal R&D projects in recent years, DIELMO 3D has a solid foundation to develop artificial intelligence applications using alphanumeric data, images, LiDAR, videos, and/or any type of geospatial data.

Our internal developments are ready to customize any part of them (input data, data preprocessing, artificial intelligence model training, data post-processing, and output formats), so we can quickly and economically implement custom algorithms for other companies to integrate into their workflows to automate processes.

different AI techniques applied to geospatial data:

rectangle-based object detection

Allows detecting a rectangle that encompasses the object to be detected. It is suitable for cropping images to the object’s surroundings, blurring faces and license plates, implementing quality controls to confirm that an object is present in thousands of images, counting objects, etc.

mask-based object detection

Allows identifying the pixels within the image or video that correspond to the detected object, in addition to the bounding rectangle. It is suitable for different applications such as vectorizing buildings or other elements in an orthophoto, obtaining a georeferenced vector layer.

automatic classification of LiDAR data

We can also accelerate and reduce the costs of LiDAR data classifications using Artificial Intelligence, employing different levels of manual editing depending on the needs of each project.

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