Quality Policy

Your reliable partner among other processing companies

In Dielmo 3D S.L. we are experts in the development of high precision mapping products from LiDAR data for power lines maintenance, flood modelling, road safety and forestry projects, among others.

Since its beginnings in 2003, DIELMO has as its main priority the quality of its products. We carefully control our products and the quality of the results, guaranteeing the best possible product for each project.

That is why we have obtained the ISO 9001 and 14001 quality and environment certificates for the “Development of projects related to mapping services”. This commitment to quality with customers and the environment only reinforces our policy of offering the best quality products for each project. (See quality and environment policy)

Certificado ISO Dielmo

Worlwide experience

DIELMO has a wide experience working with the most important LiDAR companies at a national level and mainly at an international level, so we are sure to provide you with the best technical solution and experience possible to successfully carry out any project.

Our flexibility allows us to offer 100% customized solutions adapted to the needs of each project in the most efficient way, in a continuous research for new cartographic products and services from different platforms (aerial including UAV/Drones, Mobile and terrestrial).

Dielmo 3D R&D department works daily in the development of new tools for the analysis of LiDAR data in different projects.

We are in the process of internationalization to export our technology to the rest of the world, creating new business links with LiDAR companies around the world.

We also participate year after year in the most prestigious mapping and LiDAR exhibitions around the world (INTERGEO, International LiDAR Mapping Forum, GeoBusiness, etc.).