Urban Planimetry at 1:500 – Altea (Spain)

restitucion cartografia 500

1:500 & 1:1000 Urban planimetry from photogrammetry – altea ​(spain)

Photogrammetry and planimetric drawing project to provide the municipality of Altea with a new level of geospatial information for urban and new development areas.

The deliverables of this project are digital planimetric drawings at 1:500 and 1:1000.



From imagery at 10cm GSD Dielmo 3D created an orthophoto mosaic and a 2D digital mapping  at different scales (1:500 for urban areas; 1:1000 for urban development areas) of Altea.

Thanks to the results provided, the client will be able to better organize all their geospatial information and its future integration into a local GIS, as well as potential land registry updates.

main products obtained for this project:

  • Orthophoto generation at 10cm GSD
  • 1:500 planimetric drawing in urban areas

DIELMO 3D’s experience in photogrammetry:

 Sometimes photogrammetry can be the best solution to provide centimetric accuracy to projects where it is not possible to do a LiDAR survey.

Our experience allows us to create accurate 2D and 3D mappings at any level from imagery and/or stereoscopic pairs. One-click orthophoto generation softwares are sometimes not enough for high accurate projects or tricky areas. Knowledge and expert software allows to solve problems in order to assure the best orthophoto mosaic and mapping result.


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